R&D Benchmarking

How are you performing? How are your peers performing? Need to instigate new policy?

In today’s business world Research and Development (R&D) is of great importance as the level of competition, production processes and methods are rapidly increasing.  In recognition of this importance the R&D Scoreboard has been created to give a detailed insight into R&D spending throughout the world.

Compiled by CRBD the R&D Scoreboard includes the top 1000 companies investing in R&D in the UK and how they compare with the top 1000 Global companies.  It is designed as a benchmarking tool for companies, investors and policy-makers alike.

CRBD analyses many thousands of UK and international companies to ensure the Scoreboard gives a true picture of worldwide R&D.  Company annual reports are used to gather the data used in the Scoreboard as the figures included have been independently verified by auditors.  The benefits of using annual reports also include being able to capture the yearly cash spend in R&D (expensed and capitalised R&D) and being able to determine company funded R&D (net R&D after deduction of R&D funding).

In addition to R&D there is a wealth of other financial data disclosed. This data includes:

  • key financial performance measures such as sales, employment data, market capitalisation, operating profits;
  • growth statistics to judge company performance over a 5 year period;
  • market capitalisation;
  • investment data such as "R&D + Capex";
  • export sales data.

The Scoreboard is presented in a range of easy to read and informative formats including: by ICB industry sector; by R&D investment; by country within region; by ownership and; by R&D intensity within listing status.

Since its creation in 1991 the R&D Scoreboard has been compiled by CRBD and has been sponsored by the Department for Business Innovation & Skills.  The Scoreboard is regarded as the leading source of information and analysis on the world's top R&D active companies, both in the UK and globally.  This is demonstrated by the endorsement by many leading industry associations such as United Kingdom CBI, the British Chambers of Commerce, The R&D Society, The Royal Academy of Engineering and many more.

Corporate Subscription

As of 2011 the R&D Industrial Benchmarking Scoreboard will no longer be publicly available and can only be accessed through a subscription service with CRBD. If you are interested in obtaining more information on the Scoreboard please contact us.  We will provide you with information regarding how to subscribe to the latest 2011 edition of the Scoreboard, publication dates and any other questions you may have.

Some of the advantages of holding a corporate subscription:

  • Track company performance year on year
  • See what competitors are doing with easy intra and cross-industry comparisons
  • Review and confirm data providing an opportunity to improve R&D disclosure
  • Tool to promote company's R&D interests
  • Consultation on maximising the benefits of enhanced R&D disclosure
  • Dedicated contact with our Projects team
  • Tailored benefits


If you would be interested in finding out more information on sponsoring one of our Scoreboards please contact our Director Ben MacGregor.  There are a range of advantages sponsorship of the Scoreboard brings: 

  • Each publication Scoreboard has generated much interest in the media not only in the UK but throughout Europe due to the unique nature of the data and information.  As demonstrated not only by the endorsements by the CBI and British Chambers of Commerce, but of the championing by Secretary’s of State, the Scoreboard is seen as an important and prestigious document for business generating positive publicity and enhancing brand reputation.
  • Publish further reports based on the underlying data of the Scoreboard
  • Conduct seminars based on the analysis of the Scoreboard
  • Influence the development process of the Scoreboard to align with sponsors goals
  • Access to our list of R&D companies and contact