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With over 30 years of experience utilising our own unparalleled information database and advanced data capture and verification techniques, Bespoke Benchmarking is Europe’s premier provider of corporate financial data benchmarking products.

Bespoke Benchmarking can be relied upon to deliver high quality benchmarking reports on almost any measure of company performance. Whether your interest lies in Innovation investment, R&D investment, Value added or elsewhere, or you require your benchmarking defined by geography or industry sector, Bespoke Benchmarking has the skill set combining both experience and knowledge to deliver your project. The team at Bespoke Benchmarking has previously delivered highly respected benchmarking reports for the UK Government and the EU Commission, as well as numerous bespoke reports for blue chip corporates, universities and investment managers.

Index tracker investment fund design:

The Bespoke Benchmarking Investment Tools (BBIT) will enable fund managers to offer industry beating index tracker funds such as the following demonstrator:

The BBIT UK Growth Fund Investment Club demonstrator is based on the UK FTSE 100.
At close of business 12 June 2024, the fund showed a 1-year return of +26.0% against an index growth of 8.5%; this represents an alpha of +206% relative to the index.
The past peformance profile and most recent daily update results can be found on the fund site. The demonstrator is styled as a zero-fees investment club and is open to high-net-worth individuals and sophisticated investors who want to take advantage of the club's peformance profile.



We value the BIS scoreboard as it provides a perspective on our level of investment in research and how that compares with that of not only competitors in our sector but also companies in other sectors. This is particularly interesting in times of economic turmoil, where continued investment in research may be challenging but some would argue essential.

Dr Chris Proctor, Chief Scientific Officer, British American Tobacco