Index tracker investment fund design

Developed on the back of over 30 years of financial reporting based expertise in delivering our benchmarks, the Bespoke Benchmarking Investment Tools (BBIT) utilise a unique approach based on our own proprietary investment selection algorithms to develop an index-based equity portfolio. The service is quite different to other investment systems in that it is a smart beta product derived from hard public domain financial reporting data and our demonstrator shows it to deliver results year after year.
Our selection algorithm results in our investments functioning like an accelerator:
  when the market moves down, we tend to move down slightly faster than the market;
  when the market moves up, we tend to move up slightly faster than the market;
in the long run, the market can be expected to move up more than down and so we have a net upside outperformance.

The robustness of the algorithm is shown by the demonstrator BBIT UK Growth Fund Investment Club based on the UK FTSE 100 index. Over the last decade, this exhibits a best whole calendar year year-on-year return for 2019 of 29.6% against an index growth of 12.1% representing an outperformance (alpha) against the index of 17.5% (145% relative to the index); an outperformance which will add value to any portfolio. The full peformance profile and most recent daily update results can be found on the fund site.
The demonstrator is styled as a zero-fees investment club and is open to high-net-worth individuals and sophisticated investors who want to take advantage of the club's peformance profile.

The BBIT service is delivered on a bespoke basis designed for specific index-based equity portfolios.
It is deliverable to a small number of selected investment houses on a bespoke basis designed for their specific equity portfolio needs.
The BBIT service is managed in London and Edinburgh by Bespoke Benchmarking Ltd.
  The business manager is Ben MacGregor in London.
  The fund manager is Dr David Tonkin in Edinburgh. He is also responsible for developing and maintaining the investment selection algorithms.
  Both managers have LinkedIn profiles and can be contacted directly on